How can the holographic portfolio help you in your work?

Understand, decide, act

Download the app for Android or iOS (soon). Then use the following marker to view the holographic portfolio:

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Spread sheets are fantastic for the person who works with it day in, day out. Once you have spent enough time on it to know every cell by heart, you even get a feel for the daily evolution of the situation.

However is that still true when you need to manage several spread sheets at once?
And how can you communicate the state of your portfolio with your colleagues or clients who don’t know the spead sheet by heart?


Most of time your colleagues or clients puzzle to understand.

Knowing that charts can be more explicit, you use 2D charts. Though how do you make sure that your colleagues and clients, or even you aren’t struggling to understand 2D charts with more than 3 data points and 4 Variables?

Why struggle with the abstract to make the right decisions?

When it comes to understanding information at our workplace or communicating with clients, we mostly only rely on abstract data lists or a multitude of abstract 2D charts invented over 200 years ago.

Though the difficulty of grasping and communicating complex data based on spread sheets and 2D charts may lead to poor, late or no decisions with dire conseqences.

Technology has evolved and your industry is evolving at a ever faster pace.

At ARdictive, we use the most recent technologies in the service of understanding and transmission for a maximum impact. So we have created Visual-qi, to support you and your clients with the visual keys to make the right decisions.


Visual-qi supports you and your clients make better and faster decisions

Visual-qi is a 3D visualization tool that supports you and your clients to make the right decisions
fast and stay ahead of the curve. Visual-qi allows the user to immediately understand the key information by providing a simple view of abstract and complex data.

Visual-qi is available as an extension for SynoFin Riskman, our investment risk management solution partner. Visual-qi can be fed by any other data source as well and customized to your needs to match your specific requirements.

Visual-qi creates a visual, spatial and interactive expression of your data.
Visual-qi is developed for use with current flat screens and new means of display like augmented reality and virtual reality glasses.


Can we see a real example?

In the following example above we look at an investment portfolio of which the investments are represented by colored bubbles. Each investment is compared based on 7 or more variables in one single view. By marking one corner as the “sweet spot” we can very easily identify which assets are our best assets to be overweighted and which are to be sold. Furthermore you can see the effect on your assets when submitted to exogenous shocks to help you make the right decisions.

The same visual tool can be used for many other industries and cases.

More details are shown in the video of the desktop version on our partner site Synofin Virtual Reality Riskman.

For more information please contact us using the contact form below.

We look forward to Augment your Reality experience.