Why do you create augmented reality experiences?

We believe that humans learn best when interacting with their senses and feelings. Led by a story, teased by a game, seeing the invisible or by collecting own experience by means of interactions. All of that increases the user involvement, engagement and understanding.

Augmented Reality (AR) helps with strong, impressing and fun interactions. And Benjamin Franklin’s statement is as valid as ever: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Imagine the fantastic potential for learning and retaining information with augmented experiences while reaching your senses and having fun.

Why do you use AR?

We believe that in the future stories and learning experiences will be lived interactively in our real environments.

Up to now stories and information were mostly experienced in dedicated limited spaces such as theaters, movie theaters, on screens, on radio or in books. All these media are great media, however they do not unfold in our real world and we hardly interact with them.

Augmented Reality allows us to use our physical world as the canvas for our experiences. We can overlay digital content on top of the real physical world and create smart interactivity. This content can be experienced either through our current smart phones or the upcoming smart glasses, also called digital eye-wear.

The smart glasses technology still offers considerable challenges. Though challenges are there to be overcome and great engineers and researchers of Vuzix, Microsoft, Epson, Magic Leap and many more are working on making the magic happen.