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Connecting humans & information using "XR"

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Improve Productivity & Reduce Costs With XR

XR Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

“Hands on” Support From The Right People Anytime, Anywhere

ar/mr training

XR Training / Maintenance

Step by step guided training and maintenance


Virtual presence

360º Video & VR For Sales, training, Discovery, Understanding

what is xr

3D Dataviz

Understand complex & abstract fast and easily with Visual-qi 

digital twin

Digital Twin (iot)

Give a virtual body to your data of machines, assets, investments

what is xr

Consulting & solutions

We advise and support you with off the shelf custom solutions

What Is XR?

Extended Reality (XR) refers to all real and virtual environments generated by computer and wearables. The X in XR encompasses all other letters AR, MR, VR.

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Immersive & Efficient Learning.

Cost savings & Efficiency Gains.

Improve the visitor experience.

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