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eXtended Reality is a relatively recent technology when it comes to non-military uses.

While the concept of AR, MR, VR, 360° video, Digital Twin can be explained, they cannot be fully understood without having experienced them in order to understand their impact.

Also while XR technologies can sometimes be impressive, they are not necessarily the answer to every problem and some of existing problems are better solved with traditional methods and technologies.

Though where XR makes sense, its impact on efficiency and productivity gains are impressive. And while XR for efficiency and productivity gains as well as great ROI are great to enhance competitiveness, in times of Covid19 they often also are necessary for survival of one’s operations.

No matter what, XR offers low hanging fruits to be seized.

When it comes to implementing XR, many aspects have to be taken into account.

Already when it comes to selecting the right smart-glasses there is a plethora of choice where good advice by XR Experts can make a difference.

Many aspects play a role when choosing the best smart-glasses for your use cases. Will your team members work inside or in the exterior, in humid, clean or dusty, explosive or risky environments? Do they wear helmets, gloves, do they need computing power or not?

Then, which off the shelf software is the best fit for my organisation and use cases?

ARdictive is there to support you in making the right decisions to reach your goals using XR.

Being XR Experts building on many years of business experience, ARdictive will advise you in the most transparent manner on:
- Which technology makes the most sense for your business and use cases?
- How and which processes can be enhanced using XR?
- Which are the most appropriate smart-glasses for your use cases and work environments?
- Which is the best off the shelf software for your use cases?
- Which additional content would you may need to have produced?

ARdictive also provides support for implementing and maintaining your XR solutions.
Being XR content and tools developer, ARdictive also supports its clients in this field.

Using XR can generate great value.
ARdictive supports you in doing just that.

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