Digital Twin (IOT)

Give a visual body to your data of
machines, assets, investments...

Digital twin (AR, MR, VR, IoT): Understand - Decide - Act

Simplify the abstract to generate impact.

Almost all organizations and businesses have data about their installations, their machines, the investments they manage, the status, performance, usage and location of their assets.

These data is rarely exploited. At best they are available as abstract data tables or graphs that have marginally evolved since 200 years.

Being very abstract, these representations of the state, usage, location, and normals of a machine, a subject, an installation, investmentsā€¦are hard to grasp. The cognitive distance from the abstract to the important information is to important and clearly results in inefficiencies, late or bad decisions.

Digital Twins however allow us to bridge the cognitive distance created by the complexity and abstraction level.

How does it work?

By creating visual representations in 2D or 3D of your machines, processes, investments, assets, trucks, ships and more we can show their status, performance, usage, locations, normal in a way that is easy and quick to understand.

A machine or even a whole production process would be represented by a 3D model, the digital twin. Sensors that provide data about the machine or production process would not only feed your databases, data tables and graphs, but they would live feed the digital twin. Any status or important information would be directly represented on the digital twin where and how it makes the most sense, hence giving the user a quick and easy to understand summary of the problem and quickly decide about the solution and act.

While digital twins of physical objects, machines or processes are more common, it is also possible to create digital twins of non-physical things or concepts, but with the same effect of making complex understood easily and fast for better decisions. Such non-physical things can for instance be the weather or an investment portfolio, or the exchanges between economic sectors of a nation.

The most known non-physical digital twin is the weather report which is a very efficient way to represent very rich and abstract data sets, though is easily understandable by anyone who has spent 5 minutes understanding the concept.

Sectors where digital twin technology has proven major benefits:

Any sector that has a large number of data, or not easy to understand and constantly refreshing datasets. Here just to name a few:

  • Health
  • Industry
  • Finance
  • Energy sector
  • Nuclear installations
  • Space industry
  • Investment & asset management
  • Art market
  • many moreā€¦