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AR / MR Guided training & Maintenance

training & maintenance

Be it to guide employees in learning how to operate a new machine or task, or to assist technicians in performing complicated maintenance tasks, AR/MR training shows them what to do by displaying spatially positioned virtual indications overlaid on top of a real machine (or scene) or a virtual 3D model the machine (or scene).

training & maintenance

These indications usually combine elements such as virtual 3D arrows and/or virtual tools, videos or text instructions that are directly projected onto the real or virtual machine or environment.

The user simply follows the step by step guidance module to complete the process required for the training or the maintenance. If required, the execution speed of each step can be measured to

provide feedback to the user on which step he/she can enhance, or to the process author expert as to which of his/her instructions can be enhanced for most efficient understanding.

How does it work?

The expert/ trainer or your consultant uses a dedicated software to author the training or maintenance cycle. Best is to thoroughly think through the steps of the process and the content that is best adapted to convey the instructions message in the simplest possible way. Once the script of the processes is done, the expert/trainer/consultant loads and completes the missing content on the database.

Finally, with the help of smart-glasses or a smartphone/tablet the content is placed in space virtually overlaid on top of the machine in the way it should be perceived by the trainee or maintenance technician. Best is to test the process a few times and constantly enhance based on user feedback.

Now that the training or maintenance module is ready, it can be used by the trainee or maintenance technician who will wear his smart-glasses to follow each of the steps in the most efficient way.

Major benefits:

  • Efficiency gains and cost reduction

  • Getting new staff up to speed quickly

  • Hands on training on how to best perform each step

  • Ensures adherence to procedures

  • Less errors thanks to step by step guidance

  • Better autonomy & self-confidence

  • Resource efficient as only the person performs the task needed

  • Capability to measure the progress of the worker

  • Capability to measure the efficiency of the work-step description

  • Authored directly by the expert

  • Ensures knowledge capture & transmission, avoiding loss

  • Safe learning conditions while being close to the real thing

Sectors where AR/MR Guided Training & Maintenance has proven major benefits:

  • Industry

  • Gas & Liquids industry

  • Energy sector

  • Telecom & networks sector

  • Health sector

  • Medical procedures

  • Factory worker

  • Aeronautic industry

  • Many others…