Virtual Presence

360° video & VR for sales, training, discovery, understanding

Virtual presence (360° video/VR) Sales, Training, Discovery, Understanding

Teleport your clients, providers and teams to the sites you want them to see without the hassle of travel and time lost by them and by your staff, and without security hazard. Immerse them into interactive 360° videos combined with virtual elements for the strongest perception of presence and best impact.

Virtual presence is good for learning, discovering, understanding, being immersed into the real-life context without risk or additional travel cost and time.

For your clients, give them an interactive tour of your plant so that they can see that you are their best partner. Better than a brochure, a video or a website, show them your installations and machines as if they were there, but without the hassle of traveling or transporting the machines to the client. Let them see for real that you are the right provider. See an example here.

For your providers, don’t lose time and money by taking chances of them understanding what they are expected to provide a solution for. Instead of sending them only an excel or word document and photo, have them experience in an immersive video the context into which they will have to propose solutions for.

For your teams, have them discover remote sites and get acquainted with novel situations while being in a safe environment. These contents can be created for pure discovery or information purposes or for full immersive and interactive training of your teams, closest to the real-life situation.

How does it work?

The user discovers the content best through virtual reality headsets or on a normal 2D screen. The user can turn into all directions and see the scene as if he was there. Depending on the content and intent, the user can get the choice of where to go or which task to perform and interact with the content that may be based on real-world footage or virtual content.

The immersion is often so strong, that many users feel as if the content was real as when invited by the content character to follow them, many users do stand up before remembering that they are in an immersive experience.

Sectors where Virtual Presence has proven major benefits:

Any sector where an immersion into a reality like scene makes sense. Therefore, there is hardly a sector that would not benefit of this type of content. Here a few of them:

  • Real estate

  • Hotels & Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Industry

  • Culture & tourism

  • Insurance

  • Constructi