Remote Assistance

"Hands on" support from the right people anytime, anywhere

Remote Assistance using AR/MR:

A case worker on-site in a factory, office or on exterior installations requires efficient assistance from an expert that is remote.

The problem: Traditionally the on-site person calls the expert by phone, explains verbally to the remote expert the problem he/she is confronted with. The expert responds back verbally. This type of communication often consumes a lot of time, can lead to misunderstanding, is error prone and inefficient.

In most cases the remote expert needs to travel on-site for further investigation, eventually leads to ordering spare parts, wait their delivery to finally be able to solve the problem.

This type of remote assistance is not competitive as it results in prohibitive cost for you and your client:

  • Downtime of machine/infrastructure/teams
  • Waiting for the expert to be available and arrive
  • Expert time spent traveling instead of sharing expertise
  • Cost of travel and lodging
  • Delayed ordering of the spare parts
  • Frustrated clients
  • High carbon footprint
  • Bad work life balance of expert away from home
  • No empowerment of on-site technician


Solution: Remote assistance using a smartphone or smart glasses is the solution.

In case the on-site person has to work with his hands, smart glasses are mandatory, else a smartphone can work as well.

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How does it work?

The on-site person asks the remote expert for assistance. Once available, the communication per 3/4G or wifi is established. The on-site person shows the situation through video stream to the remote expert. In many cases this can already help to solve the problem. Though AR allows to become much more efficient. Avoiding all guess work, the remote expert can add augmented reality mark-ups in the field of view of the on-site person, showing him precisely and step by step how to solve the problem. The expert can even send documents such as construction plans for further detailed information.

Major benefits:

  • Solving is more efficient & productive
  • More competitive service offering
  • Less downtime for clients
  • The on-site person is empowered, gains autonomy, progresses
  • Expert sharing expertise instead of traveling
  • No travel cost, better carbon footprint
  • Happy clients recommending your services


Sectors where remote assistance has proven major benefits:

  • Industry
  • Enterprise
  • Construction sites
  • Infrastructure work (energy, telecom, IT)
  • On-site health workers
  • Many others…